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Payment Detail: Connecting Dots Resources | Fidelity Bank (5600410096) | Stanbic IBTC (0002839786)


How much does it cost to be a member of CDR ?
Our membership plans vary according to the specific membership plan you have chosen. The lowest plan is N1,000.00 and the highest is N100,000.00. There are quite a number of other planns between this boundary.

Can I have more than one Account?
Though you can have more than one, it is better to have just one account. This way, you will be able to focus your attention to growing the singular account substantially within a short time. The available plans are:

The Uni-1K, Uni-3K, Uni-5K, Uni-10K, Uni-20K, Uni-50K, Uni-70K, and finally, the Uni-100K Plan 

How many levels does CDR have?
There are three levels (check our pay plan for more information) 

What payment types do you accept?
We currently accept direct bank deposit and transfers (Fidelity Bank - 5600410096; Stanbic IBTC Bank - 0002839786). Other payment types may be added soon.

What do I get on becoming a member?
    * Free Connecting Dots Resources website

    * Free access to CDR training materials

    * Rear Opportunity to begin earning unlimited cash reward from the first day

How many people do I need to invite?
You are not restricted, and you are instantly rewarded for each active member you invite. However, we suggest you set a daily, weekly,or monthly financial target for yourself. This should help you achieve better results.

Who is an active member?

 An active member is one who has paid up all pending fees

What is the advantage of sponsoring more people?
Sponsoring more people means you earn more money. you also increase your chances of boosting your L2 and L3 incomes. 

How frequently shall I be paid?
This depends on your performance, but CDR shall pay all active members with e-wallet balance above N2000 every week

How do I receive and withdraw my rewards?
All rewards (duly earned) shall be paid directly to your bank account every week. Please note that Our minimum payout amount is N2,000.00

Can I request a refund?
No! This is because your sponsor would have been rewarded for introducing you