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Connecting Dots Resources is a membership platform that brings members together with the aim
of networking, learning, and achieving financial freedom as a team.

We have been around long enough and have realized that in life, opportunities come and go. Some
people seize them, enjoy the benefits and never look back while others, in doubt and disbelief, simply watch them pass
and struggle against inadequacy and lack for the rest of their lives. Its your turn to choose a
side - where will you rather be?
With focused hardwork and committment to growing your organization, your days of having to
squeeze can now be gone forever and you can finally say good bye to financial inadequacy and lack.


The table below shows a hypothetical earnings of a “Uni-Blue” member who invites 1 person per day

for one month and ensures his downlines do same. This member can be YOU!

   L1                  L2                   L3

1500              1000            500

1500              1000            500

1500              1000            500fp

.......              .......             ......

.......              .......             ......

1500              1000             500

1500              1000             500

1500              1000             500

45,000.00   900,000.00     13,500,000.00


The table buttresses how your earning potential in CDR is boundless. If your team is able to do more new

active members, you can imagine the reward.

If what you are looking for is a good life and financial comfort, CDR is where you must be.

Ready to take charge of your own life and finances? Sign up Now!

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